Generational Training Webinar Package

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About Generational Training Webinars

Need employee training but don’t want to pay travel costs for your trainers or employees?

VPI Training Webinars are a popular option for organizations of all sizes and budgets.

VPI’s Training Webinars begin with data-driven, level-setting awareness. Clients choose from a number of different skill-building topics that will help improve communication, build marketing strategies, increase team performance, promote innovation and creativity, and retain top performers.

Webinar sessions are based on specific problems that you are facing with your workforce, and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. They use the latest research in combination with real world examples to help you improve the overall productivity of your workforce by eliminating unnecessary conflict and misunderstanding.

Specifically for our generational workshops, we ask: are younger workers really different in their values, attitudes, motivations, work styles and decision-making processes than older workers? Or are they just different because they are younger? Are you seeing issues within your work place due to different attitudes from different age groups? Research shows that each generation is shaped by the historical and social events they experience in the formative years between ages 5 and 18. These experiences influence attitudes towards authority, loyalty, communication, feedback and recognition, and work ethic. At the same time, workers also share many attitudes across generational cohorts. Understanding both these differences and similarities, and which factors really influence employee motivation, retention, and engagement are critical to building a successful workforce.

“I find the multi-generational topic fascinating” concludes Women Lead Radio.

Listen here to an interview with Generational Expert & Webinar Trainer, Sherri Petro. Although this interview is of course not the same as a webinar training, it will give you the opportunity to hear why Sherri is passionate about generational training and a taste of what you can expect when you hire TEAM VPI.

Go here to learn more about VPI’s generational training package options.

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