Expertise: Contract and Generational Content Mgmt.

Mike Petro is a problem-solver. A sharp Account Manager, he has provided customer support and trouble-shooting counsel for client issues at Best Buy, Paychex and JP Morgan Chase. A consultant that specializes in out-of-the-box thinking for complex issues, Mike has honed the skillset for regulated and unregulated environments. He know what it takes to get the job done right in the environment he is in.

Given his ability to actively listen, resolve disputable issues, and leverage technology, he is the “go-to guy” whether the problem is with process, systems or people. Mike has experience interpreting, communicating and following guidelines, rules and regs for compliance-driven organizations. He also knows how to leverage his skills in more flexible environments.

An adaptable and analytical leader, Mike has consistently been among the top performers in his career at the sales and service companies he has worked for. Whether he has been promoted due to his skills or he has simply become the defacto standard, Mike has led his teams to successful results. He understands what is required of young leaders.

Mike is VPI’s contract and generational content manager, utilizing his Millennial ingenuity to help evolve various projects to today’s growing technological needs and standards. He takes pride in customizing PowerPoint presentations to ensure participants retain all relevant information to help them become better peers and leaders. An excellent multi-tasker, he juggles multiple priorities and manages property, projects and people. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State San Marcos and is slated to graduate with his MBA in 2016.

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