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VPI is the next generation specialty consulting firm

How does your organization gain and maintain relevance? It can be tough to do as we manage customer demands, employee hopes and stakeholder expectations. The business landscape is in an increasingly state of flux — locally, nationally and globally. Customer and employee motivations are changing with each generation. What does success really look like anyway? It’s complicated!

We get it.

We make it our business to understand the true reasons behind the inability to get the results you seek. Your organization is unique. After getting to root cause through our next generation discovery process, our management consulting firm doesn’t offer prescribed solutions.

We get you.

Leveraging a cadre of strategic partners with differing perspectives and of diverse generations, education, industry and experiences, we simplify the complex and offer proven solutions that will work. And we know how to assist you in accomplishing your goals.

We get results.

It is our belief that in order to make organizations truly sustainable, decisions throughout the organization must be driven by strategic thinking, effective communication skills, and performance training and coaching. Appreciative-inquiry inspired, we start from strengths, with clients, our strategic partners and our team. Our discovery process illuminates the real problem, not the presenting problem.


We leverage strengths and

  • Provide intelligence so organizations can make educated decisions
  • Offer innovative answers to complex business solutions
  • Increase productivity
  • Seek to increase triple bottom line results

We have educated and coached thousands on how to break down barriers and decrease workplace generational miscommunication. We believe in the value of education and realizing the potential of the organization through engaged employees.


Serving our clients for 15 years

Established in 1999, VPI Strategies works in the for-profit, nonprofit and government sectors. VPI Strategies is a woman-owned strategic consulting and strengths-based solutions provider. We have been certified Small Business 38021 in the state of California for years. VPI’s headquarters are in San Diego, CA. We have a satellite Northern California office in Benicia, CA chosen for its central location which affords VPI access to the entire bay area, from clients in Silicon Valley to government officials in Sacramento. Since our inception as a strategy firm serving clients in southern CA, we have expanded into a more comprehensive set of services with projects both nationally and internationally. We have served clients all over the world — from Asia to Africa, from Washington to Florida, from New York City to Mexico City.


Our senior consultants represent VPI Strategies on the Expert Panel for Managing Americans.

San Diego Generation Experts

Several of VPI’s senior consultants represent VPI Strategies on the Expert Panel for Managing Americans. is a nationwide management blog with more than 300,000 monthly readers. VPI’s expertise includes Workplace Communication Skills and Strategic HR with a focus on Talent Management and Talent Acquisition.

This popular article featured on ManagingAmericans, Get ‘Em Onboard: Engage Employees by Being Real, highlights some of the organizational values we hold at VPI Strategies.


Many VPI clients have returned year after year for additional projects.

“VPI Strategies has provided organizational development, strategic planning and team development consulting to Christie’s Place for the past three years. VPI has helped to facilitate the strategic growth of our nonprofit social service organization which has resulted in improved leadership, management practices and organizational performance. The firm’s skilled facilitation and innate ability to help us forecast and manage change has had transformative impacts. During our tenure with VPI Strategies , we have been able to diversify agency services by 40%, increase staffing by 42% and increase our organizational revenue by 72%. VPI Strategies truly represents the next generation of consulting.”  – Liz Brosnan, Executive Director, Christie’s Place

“VPI Strategies is a well-informed and highly professional organization. VPI’s ability to develop custom solutions for each of its clients is unparalleled. They take a genuine interest in the well being of each of clients and provide a set of tools that allows each client to enhance their culture, efficiencies, training and morale. I highly recommend VPI Strategies.  – Ken Schmitt, President & Founder, TurningPoint Executive Search & StartingPoint Careers

VPI is the best! We definitely lucked out in securing their services. VPI Strategies has a team of fabulous trainers/facilitators. We thank them for aptly facilitating a discussion between executive and managers on some thorny issues….it was very beneficial.” – Acting Executive Director, State Government Agency

I never hesitate to refer VPI to clients or colleagues because I know they’ll always be impressed. Led by Sherri Petro, her keen business insight and her ability to understand and explain the multi-generational workforce allow her to be a true asset when helping organizations thrive and grow.” – Jeff Toister, President, Toister Performance Solutions


VPI’s Next Generation Services:

  • DECISION SCIENCESan Diego Generation Experts

    • We conduct quantitative & qualitative research, perform analysis, provide insights and recommend solutions that allow you to make educated decisions and affect positive change.

    • Dynamic times require more than static imperatives. We create strategy with focus and flexibility — next generation strategic planning. We offer options, metrics and triggers leveraging employees and technology.

    • The full lifecycle of an employee begins with recruiting, and continues through onboarding, training and development, performance management, and succession planning. We offer Talent Management expertise to strategically leverage your peoples’ competencies and strengths.

    • We offer Organizational Development solutions that concentrate on maximizing people, process and technology. We blast through generational, personal and cultural communication blocks.


Our Mission

VPI, The Next Generation Specialty Consulting Firm, leverages strengths, provides intelligence and offers innovative solutions to complex business issues. We increase productivity by leveraging the four generations in the workplace.


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