We are using the same language yet talking in tongues. The same words mean different things to the generations. How can we make a connection to clients, new employees, peers, supervisors, or executive management if we don’t understand where they are coming from? VPI gets it. And we have proven ways to leverage generational similarities and differences to accomplish goals more effectively.

Baby Boomers (Born: 1946 – 1964) – Think “P” – Pride, Process, Perks, Prestige.

Leadership transition is taking place right now. Traditionalists to Boomers in some organizations. Baby Boomer to Gen X or even Gen Y in others. VPI can support a smooth transition honoring the Boomer’s motivations, work style and learning style.

Gen X (Born: 1965 – 1980) – Think “F” – Freedom, Family, Fun, Friends.

Sandwiched by Boomer and Gen Y, Gen Xers are doing work in ways that baffle the other generations. They are living out their own genXpectations. VPI understands their “F” motivations and offers solutions to delegation, teamwork, and leadership challenges.

Gen Y aka Millennials (Born: 1981 – 1996) – Think “C” – Creativity, Community, Connection, Cause.

Full of ideas, energy and a digital state of mind, Gen Y is causing waves. Is it managing Millenials or managing the Millenials malaise? With high expectations of engagement and technology, they seek happiness and feedback alien to previous generations. VPI offers proven ways to onboard, manage and lead them well.

Gen z (Born: 1997 – 2012) – Think “D” – driven, diversity, digital, deals.

Grew up in the technology world with internet, social media and gaming. Gen Z are coming into the workplace post pandemic and are reshaping norms and expectations along the way. They seek flexibility, freedom of being independent. They are not scared to leap to the next job that offers a better work/life balance and benefits.

*If you are looking for generational research, check out Sherri’s Understanding the Multiple Generation Workplace recommended reading on Amazon.

​Is your organization here?

Is Your Organization Suffering from Work Ethic Differences?
→ VPI is the next generation specialty consulting firm. We understand the Multi-generations and know how to help you.

Are you experiencing tension between the different generations?
→ Meaningful work and long relationships are rooted in the intersection of purposes, concerns and circumstances. Let VPI show you how to eliminate friction.

Is your organization struggling with getting more things done with less time, money, and people?
→  VPI has generational short-cuts to conserve your resources.

Are you unsure how to handle workplace entitlement differences?
→ VPI will show you how to move from entitlement to engagement.

The world is moving very quickly.

And your organization needs to accelerate along with it.

Understanding the Multi-generations can decrease friction, moving you from resistance to resilience.

Call VPI Strategies.

We get it.