VPI Strategies provides the quantitative and qualitative research and analysis you need to answer complex business questions. 20 years experience. Multiple industries. We articulate your concerns, perform the research, provide the analysis, generate recommendations and report on findings. The answers? Practical, Clear, Objective, and Defensible.


Do you need to understand short and long term outcomes relative to program goals or assess the efficiency and effectiveness of processes? VPI Strategies provides the quantitative and qualitative evaluation analysis you need. We work to articulate concerns, perform research, provide a gap analysis, generate insights and make recommendations.

Customized Research

Need heavy–duty research conducted for a new endeavor, to validate a plan — or any other reason?  VPI can help. Who knows how to research better than PhD candidates, recent doctoral & MBA graduates and professional researchers?  We have them in our consultant pool.  Our research has been used to identify ideal clients, market opportunity and exceptional academic research for use in our evidence-based presentations.  We can help with your research needs as well.

Strategic Market Research

Market decisions based on outdated or incomplete information can cost money and put your organization at risk. VPI Strategies performs primary and secondary market research using proven facilitation skills and analytical approaches. We interpret the information and create intelligence your company can use to make strategic decisions.

Scenario Development

Need to assess the importance of events and their potential impacts? Building scenarios widens your horizon, preparing the company to anticipate and capitalize on turbulent markets, allowing you to envision plausible futures and their effect on profitability. The result? Triggers and trends to proactively adjust and influence change – not react to it.

Forecasting & Optimization

Even under the most turbulent conditions, executives must possess the information to understand and analyze the strategic options available to them. Our forecasting & optimization services provide this vital information by uncovering relationships and trends, assessing risk and uncertainty, and streamlining operational activities.

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