Using a strengths-based process, VPI Strategies creates a workable, owned, dynamic strategy that provides focus and direction. Start-up? Established organization? Change in the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) World? We provide practical options to create and maintain a sustainable advantage.

Smart Growth Strategies

We assist your organization in developing a strategy which makes sense given your resources, the competitive landscape and the opportunities on the horizon. With 15 potential grand strategies you can choose from, you need to know which one is best given your market position and ability to pursue. We create comprehensive strategic plans with critical stakeholders that marry the internal and external with your vision. Strategy falls down in execution. We work with the various areas within the organization to develop tactical action plans to insure the strategy is successful.

Strategy Development Strategic Process Facilitation

We determine your expectations of the facilitations. What do you hope to achieve?  We canvass stakeholders to define the strategic questions that need to be answered then answer them with  engaged team members by focusing their energies and stimulating their strategic thinking skills. VPI focuses on the positive and facilitates a deeper understanding of the factors shaping the organization and critical success factors needed for growth. We prepare comprehensive notes that can be used as the strategy is determined.

Destination Strategy Development

VPI offers destination marketing expertise uncommon amongst boutique firms. We have the expertise, talent, and ability to offer strategic destination market research and market branding with seamless delivery. The higher benefit to our client is research will not sit on a shelf, frozen off from creative talent. We conduct market research in four phases, simultaneously talking to the creative team to explore insights, data, and findings. Our vision is a healthy marriage of art and science, driven by creative and data, that functions to reveal a rebranding that is fresh, authentic, and effective.

Organization Assessment

Through interviews, discussions, and analysis tools we assess what the organization stands for and what it is trying to accomplish. We create a profile with insights and recommendations with core competencies, critical success factors, strategic leadership, organizational structure, and culture.  VPI can assist you if you need to know your current internal landscape, if your organization is ready for a change or if you have the skills, knowledge and capabilities to take your company higher.

Environmental Analysis

We examine the external global, economic, political, environmental, socio-demographic and technology influences your business must face. This information is interpreted and incorporated with relevant industry and marketplace information. By looking at the external environment, we can gauge how appropriate and successful your strategy could be.

SWOT/SOAR Analysis

Whether we use Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats or Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results, we critically and creatively weigh and prioritize the information gleaned to illuminate strategic options to move the organization forward.  These techniques allow us to analyze what we have to work with and what we can be given the internal and external landscape.

Marketing und Strategie Vortrag

Dynamic Scenario Development

We facilitate creative and critical thinking skills to determine potential strategic shifts or new directions. We assist in creating processes to identify external trigger events and internal issues which require a strategic course correction for incorporation into future planning efforts.  The world’s dynamism cannot be a block to strategy development!

Real-time Insights

Real-time event detection requires knowing what to monitor and who will receive the information. VPI Strategies creates a rigorous internal process used to assist your organization in identifying potential problems internally and detecting external trigger events. The world is moving so quickly, the assumptions upon which your strategic plan is built may change. Rather than shelving the plan, you will identify what needs to change and how to make it happen without throwing the strategy out with the bathwater.

Performance Metrics 

VPI Strategies identifies and tests the key performance drivers linked to your strategy and designs performance metrics that give you true insight that goes beyond the numbers. From simple to comprehensive balanced scorecards, we can help you identify the metrics and create the processes to insure the entire organization is linked and synched to them. Peter Drucker said, “What gets measure, gets done!”

Change Leadership Coaching

Every strategic shift results in some change. Accepting and managing change is a personal choice with organizational implications. Not only must leaders deal with change themselves but provide change leadership for all. One-on-one change leadership coaching allows the leader to recognize change for what it is and make the most of it for themselves and their staff. Change has to start with leadership first!

Navigating Change Training

VPI Strategies provides a more strategic approach for dealing with change. This resilient approach for accepting and managing change reinforces a resourceful frame of mind, strategic thinking skills and a process to deal with the change cycle. It’s foolhardy to believe it’s all just going to work out. We need to be trained on how to navigate the process.

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