Sherri Petro is an accomplished strategist, organizational development professional and executive coach. She has owned VPI since 1999 after a 16 year corporate career.

Sherri focuses on workplace communications, usually a culprit when strategies fail. She has yet to work with a company where communication is stellar. Her current passion is educating organizations on how to increase organizational sustainability by leveraging the talents and skills of all in multi-generational workplaces. Sherri is acutely aware of misunderstandings that result from different belief structures and lack of coherent communication. She offers remedies by creating understanding and making connections at the belief level not only at the behavioral level.


  • Is an expert strategic facilitator, edu-tainer and presenter with hundreds of sessions to her credit.
  • Has published over eighty articles and blogs in which she simplifies complex concepts for busy professionals.
  • Regularly distills her expertise as an executive coach, one-on-one with executive directors, business owners and CEOs.
  • Has a work history which includes becoming the Vice President of Operations at 26, the youngest person at her then-employer to earn the position.

Her diverse professional background includes customer service, operations, administration, sales, marketing and strategic planning. Sherri has acquired the cross-departmental expertise to see client challenges from a number of angles. Sherri is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and presenter. Whether conducting workshops, offering humor-filled presentations or working through tough organization issues, Sherri leverages story-telling and common sense to help participants see possibilities. An analyst at heart, she can cut to the chase and illuminate the core issue.

Sherri earned a Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis on Strategic Planning from Pepperdine University. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Youngstown State University, magna cum laude. She is a professor at California Miramar University, teaching Strategy, Leadership and Management to working professionals nationally and internationally.

“Sherri Petro, President of VPI Strategies, is a fabulous trainer/facilitator. We thank her for aptly facilitating a discussion between executive and managers on some thorny issues…it was very beneficial. – Rotary Club of San Diego North

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