Talent Management is a hot topic, especially for companies that are working hard to be relevant and competitive in today’s changed business world. The full lifecycle of an employee begins with recruiting, and continues through onboarding, training and development, performance management, and succession planning. VPI Strategies offers Talent Management expertise to strategically leverage your peoples’ competencies and strengths.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

If your company is like most, attracting talent is probably a key priority. The executive team thinks about it from a broad perspective and managers have their immediate functional concerns. VPI Strategies will help you balance and strategize short-term and long-term, so you can anticipate organizational needs and have solutions in place before your leaders even realize they need them. Employer value proposition, building candidate pipelines, sourcing strategies, generational messaging, recruiting models, and candidate experience improvement – we can help.

Think (and Close) Like a Headhunter ™

Chances are you’ve got your volume recruiters in place, and it’s working – at least – well enough. How much are you spending in agency fees, though? Does your company contract “headhunters” or agencies at exorbitant rates? We offer training and mentorship for senior level recruiters on how to think and CLOSE like the best.

ATS Technology (Applicant Tracking System and Candidate Relationship Management)

Choosing an ATS or CRM is strategic, not tactical. Even when a system looks simple to use, the many reasons for implementing or refining a system are as complex as your company’s business. In regards to maximizing ROI, the alignment of technology, processes and practices, and reports for supporting the business should be elegant. That’s often not the experience though. Simply put, user adoption rates are low to very low, when alignment isn’t achieved. VPI can lead your efforts to get it right the first time, so your company investment can start paying off within the early months of first use.

Career Track Development & Succession

How can your company keep your most talented and top performers? How do you grow their careers and fill succession plans for key Baby Boomers in the organization? How can you connect with the values of contributors from different generations? Besides compensation and Total Rewards, a talent development strategy is a cornerstone to beat your competition. Said another way, “Don’t train your high potentials, only to have them lured away by your competition.” VPI can help you hire the best affordable resources, develop internal talent and keep them growing with your organization.

HR Transformation

HR leaders are expected to have knowledge and deep understanding of Recruiting, Compensation and Benefits (Total Rewards), Learning & Development, and Organizational Development. Today, successful HR organizations create, support and deliver a complex mix of strategies and deliverables, in direct partnership with the business leaders, for a business that is continuously changing. HR leaders are in the spotlight (or hotspot), more now than ever in the last 50 years, with constrained internal resources and very tight timelines. VPI is here to help. We provide subject matter experts, assess and identify organizational needs, facilitate strategic action planning, and align communication and pace of change with business initiatives. 

Our experts can help your organization succeed in the most intricate variables of change – reorganizing and engaging people, defining or redefining process, and lead the alignment of systems for integration.

Next Generation Performance Management Systems Design

No secret that most performance management systems don’t do what they were intended to do – enhance performance. Marrying generational understanding with what really does motivate employees to offer peak performance, VPI creates the next generation performance management system. Check out VPI Strategies – Next Generation Performance Management White Paper by DJ King and Sherri Petro .

Customized Leadership Training

Leadership in your organization is not just at the top. Real change leaders are found throughout. Leadership skills can be honed in individual contributors, front-line managers, middle managers and executives. Through our discovery process, VPI clarifies the business need, objectives, behavioral outcomes and results you are looking for. We design meaningful, interactive training from a cache of modules created for clients with similar needs. Understanding adult learning theory, the appropriate instructional medium, stellar curriculum design and engaging facilitation, VPI creates meaningful training and learning transfer. To make your organization truly sustainable, decisions throughout the organization must be driven by strategic thinking, effective communication skills and coaching that reflect your culture. Our workshops enhance the performance of your organization by emphasizing the practical applications of strategic thinking. The result is not only that people can make the change but they will.

Executive Coaching

VPI Strategies offers confidential coaching for executives, teams and those leading organizations through change initiatives. While change is a reality, it also can be difficult to assimilate depending upon where employees are in an organization. Are they leaders who instituted change, middle managers asked to accept change and sell it down or staff who have change foisted upon them? Recognizing the differences, VPI assists leaders to preparing various levels of the organization to positively work through a change management initiative.

Performance Coaching

Coaching is a customized learning technique for employee development. It illuminates a new perspective, uncovers professional insights and provides opportunities to transform thinking. It results in more productive and engaged employees as employee self-interest and organization needs are discovered, aligned and linked. We help individuals work through roadblocks, develop strategic thinking and communication skills and build go-forward leadership strategies. Supporting employees in a nonjudgmental environment facilitates increased performance, employee satisfaction and more effective relationships.

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