Jack Baxter

Expertise: Telecomm, Finance & IT Systems

Jack W. Baxter has spent the last 20 years’ as a consultant in training and organizational development with industries such as Energy/Offshore Exploration, Telecommunications, and Mortgage Finance. Classes, seminars and workshops that included topics in management/leadership, organizational structure, call center / customer service excellence and software integration / implementation. Jack’s passion is in training and motivating individuals and organizations to reach their maximum potential.

In the early 1990’s Mr. Baxter was a management consultant to several divisions of SEDCO, the offshore drilling leader in the North Sea. He delivered numerous management/leadership courses and workshops at various levels from rig supervisors to ship captains.

Later that decade he assumed a role as an organizational consultant for Right Management as number of the petroleum companies went through a series of downsizing, mergers and acquisitions. As a consultant for eLoyalty Jack, worked with industry leaders in telecommunication to design, develop and implement call center and customer service strategies in the emerging wireless communication field.

Mr. Baxter served for 8 years in the United States military, 4 year active duty and 4 years active reserves. He is a decorated combat veteran, serving in Vietnam 1964 to 1965; 1st Marine Air Wing; Helicopter Corpsman (medic).

From 2009-2010 Mr. Baxter volunteered at the Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth assisting family members whose spouse or significant other was oversees. In 2011 he became involved in the Wounded Warrior Project assisting returning veterans or veterans who were separating from military service and reentering the corporate world. He assisted veterans with resume writing, interviewing skill, self-marketing plans, conduction seminars, job search workshops and more. He has served on several corporate Veteran’s Councils, recruiting service members who were leaving or retiring from military service and transitioning to civilian work.

Most recently Mr. Baxter has been consulting with financial intuitions such as Wells Fargo and Bank of American on organizational strategies to solve the backlog of residential foreclosures and their financial impact on the organization.

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