Leadership and Large Group Facilitation

We are adept at facilitating meetings and retreats for small, medium and large groups. Client groups have ranged from three to multiple hundreds. We use a propriety process to determine objectives, dig into what success looks like then we follow the energy in the room to ensure the objectives are met as we deliver.

Communication and Change Engagement

Every consulting gig we do results in something that must be communicated or changed. It’s the nature of the beast!  We take that skill and transfer it to your situation. We generate a comprehensive change engagement (others call it change management) plan. It details the appropriate stakeholders to communicate with, their motivations and needs and how to best address their concerns.

Communication Coaching for Teams

Is your team dealing with misperceptions, misunderstandings and missteps? It happens to new teams as well as the best of teams whether you have been together three months or three years+.  We know that even high performing teams are not immune to communication issues — as hard as they try to minimize then!  Communications Coaching For Teams addresses daily communication breakdowns as well as sacred cows with crucial team conversation techniques. Improve your team’s productivity and morale.

Organization Assessment

Organizational Development

VPI Strategies accelerates your organization’s path to its desired state. We interview personnel, question customers and observe the use of processes and technology. We offer recommendations on making your organization more effective after reviewing your core competency focus, strategic leadership, organizational structure, culture, product and service portfolio, execution discipline and ability to manage performance.

Post-Merger Integration

VPI offers cultural due diligence to identify the organization’s baseline and potential cultural issues which can stymie a successful integration before it happens. The numbers of unsuccessful mergers are staggering as hardware and software integration issues often take precedence over human capital. We offer cultural alignment services during the merger which include a solid communications structure and intervention techniques to deal with inevitable change management issues. Commitment to communication, simplicity and clarity combined with execution using real change leaders, flexibility and a realistic view provide a solid foundation for successful post-merger integration.

Performance Improvement Consulting

Is your team, department or organization suffering from diminished performance?  If you want to validate the reason, use VPI as an objective sounding board or use us to determine the real reason, our consultants can assist you.  We will identify what ideal performance looks like, evaluate the current situation, determine gaps and offer recommendations you can execute with our assistance — or solo.

Customized Program Development

Ready to get a program off the ground but lack the manpower, subject matter expertise or best practices’ processes?  VPI will delve into the background, identify the knowledge needed, interview the appropriate people, develop the program in partnership with you, create a change management plan,  plan your communications and coach you with the launch.

Idea Generation

Need a brainstorming partner?  Whether you are innovating a new product, process or service or trying to figure out how to address a personnel issue, VPI has the resources to assist you in generating ideas.  As proponents of Edward de Bono’s Six Hats Thinking, we can move you beyond the same–old/same-old ideas that come up into new ideas that you can leverage.

Process Improvement

Is “it” not working as intended?  Need fresh eyes to review the process? Our extremely detailed consultants review the process to the minute level to discover the process breaks that need to be fused. Taking a project management approach, we look at effort, duration and dependencies as we determine the cause of the problem — and fix it.

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