Three of Our Favorite People To Learn From on Twitter

Anne Loehr. Twitter: @anneloehr

Twitter bio: “I help leaders prepare for the four workplace trends that will change our organizations in the next ten years. Are you ready?”

Why she made TEAM VPI’s list: We started following Anne because she is a fellow generational author and speaker. Since the multiple generation workplace is our favorite topic, we tweeted her to ask how she first get interested in the subject. She really got our attention when she tweeted back “12 years in Kenya, getting tribes to work together. Generations is the same thing!” She talked about her work experience in Kenya, including leadership, race, gender, and the generations on a @WeMeanBiz interview. We watched it here and were inspired by Anne’s business savvy and adventuresome nature.






Doug Conant. Twitter: @DougConant

Twitter bio: “Founder, ConantLeadership; Former CEO, Campbell Soup; Chairman, KELI; Chairman, Avon; Dedicated to helping improve the quality of leadership in the 21st century”

Why he made Team VPI’s list: In Doug’s article on Harvard Business Review: “CEOs Can’t Give Feedback Only to Their Direct Reports” he writes about some of our favorite topics: employee engagement, leadership, and modeling desired behavior. For example, Doug writes: “We witnessed that modeling the importance of growth and leadership development at a high level translated to engagement with learning at every level.” Well said!



Tim Maurer. Twitter: @TimMaurer

Twitter Bio: “Personal finance is more PERSONAL than it is finance. I write for @CNBC, @Forbes & @Money. My opinions, not my employer’s.”

Why he made TEAM VPI’s list: We first connected with Tim after we shared his article titled, “Why You Should Always Take A Two-Week Holiday.” In this article, Tim provided 10 reasons he supports a two week holiday. #10 on his list was our favorite: “You Come Home a Better Spouse, Parent, Employee — a Better Person.” We certainly know a 10-day holiday is not always available, but TEAM VPI believes in setting goals and encouraging a culture that encourages employees to come back to work rejuvenated.






What is the bottom line? Lots to learn on Twitter! Follow these folks, plus TEAM VPI @vpistrategies for more like this.


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