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This month’s post explores communicating in our mobile environment.

Here is a preview:

Hey Dick Tracy, Maxwell Smart and Inspector Gadget, I have a beef with you.  I thought all this gadgetry was supposed to help us communicate better and solve problems.  Why are we still having communication issues?  User error, you say?  It’s not the gadget itself, it’s how we use it? 

Here’s the tip of our very large communication iceberg. We leverage technology for a myriad of uses:

    • Customer interfacing
    • Global connection
    • Mass distribution of information
    • One-on-one bursts
    • Finding locations
    • Confirmation of activities
    • Remote working

In our highly mobile environment, communication is as important as ever but it is obvious we need some rules for our technology use regardless of what we use it for.  Let’s look at two simple etiquette rules. Benefit of the doubt is given here that you will obey your local laws when it comes to appropriate technology use!

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