Jack Baxter’s Most Revealing Interview Questions

Revealing Interview QuestionsGuest Post by: Jack Baxter

I believe the most revealing interview questions are ones that are tied to the competencies required to do a specific job.

In Competency Based Hiring (Interview) questions are developed based on the critical competencies required to do the job. For example, in a job that requires a knowledge of operations, questions would be developed that would help the hiring manager to determine if the individual had the ability to diagnose operational problems, as well as make intelligent decisions based on the understanding of company (industry) knowledge. So the interviewer might ask question(s) similar to the following:

In your previous experience how have you used operational data to diagnose a problem or improve a process or service?

Give me an example of how you have used operational expertise to implement or complete a project?

Questions are developed that cover all of the critical competencies. Most jobs have multiple over lapping and sometimes dependent competencies. Would you hire an individual that was competent as an operations manager but was not competent in financial analysis? Probably not!

The major advantage to this type of approach is it allows the hiring manager to prioritize and set realistic expectations for the new hire.


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