Mentoring Reflections from the C-Suite

Miki Jo Park-Resto“March Mentoring Madness” Blog Series Continues Another Month!

As a Mentor

I experience the act of Mentoring as deeply satisfying, and I experience the relationship with a Mentee as being truly an honor. To come to a point-in-life where another person recognizes that my experience has some value, and asks me to assist them by sharing stories and guidance, has given my journey meaning that I never expected to find. To have another feel safe to be vulnerable with me, to be able to say: “this is what I don’t know” and trust that I’ll respond with compassion is a space that is rare. I love this rare space and only hope to help another reach the results they seek with more ease, and maybe a little more grace, than I was able.

As a Mentee

I am so very grateful that there are generous people who have been my Mentors over many years. Some have been mentors without knowing, and others I asked directly. I not only need their advice and encouragement, I need their course correction. One of the truly wonderful and unexpected gifts has been when those mentors become friends, and as the mentor/friendship deepens those relationships turn into treasure. I experience so much joy when I get to share my wins and results with them. As a Mentee, I know that without seeking mentorship intentionally I would have found it much more difficult to deal with the challenges of business and life.

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