This is what Gen X is looking for in a Mentor

jenniferwhitneyGUEST POST BY: Jennifer Whitney

“March Mentoring Madness” Blog Series Continues Another Month!

1. Trust – a person I might build a supporting relationship with. I need to rely on, and trust they will help guide me/support me in my career. Is dependable and on time. It is comfortable to have a simple conversation with them.

2. Expertise/Experience – someone who can be a positive role model. Has the history and understanding needed to help push me in the right direction.

3. Get to the point! – I would like a Mentor to stay on task and not take the longest road in explaining how to get the job done or what areas to avoid. I do not need “when I was your age…” story telling.

4. Measurable results – seeing the benefits of having a mentor. Do I gain understanding, different perspectives or processes from this mentor? Do they take the time to analyze me or ask me questions to open up different areas to work on?