VPI Strategies Announces Comprehensive Talent Management Services

Talent Management Services – How it all began

In 2008 Sherri Petro, President of VPI Strategies, and Miki Jo Resto, leader of Conduit Careers, Inc., began partnering to create deeper and more comprehensive solutions for clients by combining each firm’s consulting specialties. At that time, VPI was focused on Executive and General Management strategic consulting. Conduit Careers was a strategic Talent Acquisition and Talent Management firm. For over seven years, they’ve worked together to pool expertise and resources that have just the right impact needed for each client.

Merging Talent Acquisition Strategy & Talent Management Resources


Now, in 2014, all consulting services between the two firms have been joined for greater partnering and seamless delivery. Miki Jo has joined VPI Strategies as Vice President. She brings the expertise and consulting resources for VPI to offer a comprehensive suite of services for Talent Acquisition and Talent Management.

VPI Strategies’ talent experts master the puzzle of people. Here are a few of the questions:

  • How is the best and most affordable talent found?
  • Is the interview and hiring process helping or hindering?
  • What’s the right way to set new hires up for quicker success?
  • How to keep team members and grow employee loyalty?
  • What motivates different people and different generations?
  • How is a better culture of performance and productivity created?
  • What employee development programs are needed to compete and grow?

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Helping companies and clients who want MORE

MORE is found at the intersection of purpose – where brains, creativity, competence, and intention meet. Talent means anyone and everyone – joined as a team at this intersection – that can make your company more innovative, more competitive, create more growth and more of anything good. When talent is ignited by purpose it is energized. Effort turns into reward for employees, the company, and the community.

VPI Strategies has the expertise to help business leaders create something more. These comprehensive Talent Services are designed to assist just in time, at the right time.

What is Talent Acquisition Strategy?

  • Sourcing Strategy and Building Candidate Pipelines
  • ATS Technology and Workflow Integration, Project Management
  • Recruitment and Hiring Processes
  • On-boarding Program Development

What is Talent Management?

  • Performance Management
  • Leadership Development and Executive Coaching
  • Employee Training and Team Development
  • HR Transformation
  • Strategy for Total Rewards / Compensation and Benefits
  • Career Track Development and Succession Planning
  • Employer Branding and Marketing
  • Competitive Intelligence / Talent and Organizational Development

It’s easy to reach out to an expert at VPI who understands where to begin and how to build the organization’s path to health, vitality and greater profitability. Feel free to email any question to Miki Jo Resto at MikiJo@VPIStrategies.com.

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